Wedding at the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel

cliffs at glassy mountain chapel

I have been so excited to share this wedding! From the moment Mikaela booked me for her Glassy Mountain destination wedding, I started counting down to hers and Nicholas’ wedding date. If you’re not familiar, Glassy Mountain Chapel is in a gated community known as the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain, about 40 minutes north of Greenville, SC.  Beautifully landscaped homes and winding roads lead you uphill to the very top, where the gorgeous stone chapel literally sits right on the edge of the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain.

cliffs at glassy mountain chapel destination wedding greenville sc wedding

I had my second shooter ride along with me up past Greenville, SC, and we met Mikaela and the bridal party at a lovely little lodge known as Black Bear Lodge. While she and her bridesmaids were getting ready for the ceremony, I captured the little details that make a wedding day special. As you can see, Mikaela’s dress from Jo-Lin’s Bridal was just stunning!2016-06-28_0001 2016-06-28_0002 2016-06-28_0003

As much thought and effort as goes into wedding details, I feel that it’s incredibly important to document each and every part of the whole aesthetic.2016-06-28_0004 2016-06-28_0005 2016-06-28_0006 2016-06-28_0007 2016-06-28_0008

I love the monogrammed robes that Mikaela gifted to her Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids for the getting-ready portion of her wedding day!2016-06-28_0009 2016-06-28_0010 2016-06-28_0012Bless her heart, Mikaela was pretty nervous before the ceremony, sitting with anxiously folded hands while her amazing makeup artist, Jordan Tafta, tended to her look.2016-06-28_0013

Once she was in her dress, though, everyone felt ready for the ceremony, and the nerves subsided a bit! While I stuck with the girls to go up to the chapel, my second shooter headed down the mountain to photograph the guys getting ready. This is one reason why a second shooter is a MUST-HAVE when you’re booking your wedding photographer; if the timeline goes a little awry, it helps to be able to split up jobs and insure that nothing gets missed.2016-06-28_0014 2016-06-28_0015 2016-06-28_0016 2016-06-28_0017 2016-06-28_00182016-06-28_0019 2016-06-28_0020 2016-06-28_0022 2016-06-28_0023 2016-06-28_0024Glassy Mountain Chapel is just stunning inside! It’s easy to see why it is a favorite destination wedding location.

This flower girl was so sweet, but decided she didn’t want to finish her task, which gave everyone a big laugh when the flower girl “helper” had to finish up the job for her!2016-06-28_0025 2016-06-28_0026

Mikaela is stunning, and the look on Nicholas’ face when he first sees her at the end of the aisle says it all. I just love LOVE an emotional groom!!2016-06-28_0027 2016-06-28_0028 2016-06-28_0029 2016-06-28_0030

The rest of the wedding day was beautiful, and I loved having extended time for portraits with Mikaela and Nicholas, and the wedding party. They opted for a private reception with close family only, so we had about an hour and a half for many different poses, in some very adventurous locations! 2016-06-28_0031 2016-06-28_0032 2016-06-28_0033 2016-06-28_0034 2016-06-28_0035 2016-06-28_0036 2016-06-28_0037 2016-06-28_0038 2016-06-28_0039 2016-06-28_0040 2016-06-28_0041 2016-06-28_0042 2016-06-28_0043 2016-06-28_0044 2016-06-28_0045 2016-06-28_0046

Mikaela and Nicholas, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your wedding at the Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel. I wish you all the best in the future, and I hope you enjoy reliving your wedding day through all of your photos!


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