SC Statehouse and Downtown Columbia Engagement

May 4, 2016

I have been looking forward to this Downtown Columbia engagement session for months, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share these amazing images! For a few days (okay, like almost a week), I’ve been battling with the right words to use to describe this cool couple, but I finally have decided that the photos speak better than any words possibly could!

I’ve known Marisa for 16 years now, when we met at the SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. She was always one of my “cool” friends — you know, the ones who know the good music (I have her to thank for my love of Taking Back Sunday), teach you how to text message, and are just generally laid back and loved by pretty much everyone.  As folks grow up and lives change, it’s hard to stay in touch, but we managed, and I can’t even begin to express how honored I am to be able to capture hers and Nathan’s very real and authentic love for each other!

Columbia, SC engagement session window reflection on Main Street
To warm us up for the beginning of the session, I had Nathan whisper something to Marisa that would make her smile. He made her crack up laughing instead, but it was perfect!
Main Street Columbia SC engagement session window reflection
Just look at the way he looks at her! Also, kudos to you two for picking these outfits. That peplum dress and Nathan’s seersucker suit were perfectly suited to a Downtown Columbia engagement session!


engagement session on Main Street in Columbia, SC
I literally told them to just walk in my direction and chat with each other. They’re clearly naturals at posing!
editorial engagement session on Main Street in Downtown Columbia, SC
Something about those blue panels grabbed my attention, and I’m so glad we stopped here for some of my favorite images from their engagement session.
engagement session on main street in downtown columbia sc
I love to laugh during engagement sessions, and these guys clearly did too. They’ve been together long enough to have some great inside jokes and even though I couldn’t hear all of them, their laughter was contagious!
We were only a block from the SC Statehouse, which has the most gorgeous grounds for any session!
We were only a block from the SC Statehouse, which has the most gorgeous grounds for any session! 

engagement photos on SC Statehouse steps

Engagement photos on SC Statehouse steps
This one is kind of a blooper, since I shot it between poses, but her look of pure joy is everything!

Columbia sc engagement session on South Carolina Statehouse steps Columbia sc engagement session on South Carolina Statehouse steps

Columbia sc engagement session on South Carolina Statehouse steps
Nathan, this is probably my favorite image of you from your engagement session.
macro engagement ring shot in Columbia SC
Of course, we can’t have an engagement session without some focus on the ring! A wrought iron handrail on the stairs at the State House was a great spot to tie this shot into the rest of their gallery.
engagement session with laughter on SC Statehouse grounds
Again with the giggling! Love it.
I’m obsessed with this light and how cute these guys are together.

Columbia SC engagement session at statehouse

magic hour engagement session on SC statehouse grounds
By now, the light was at that magical place in the sky where its intensity is only matched by the beauty it creates. It’s called “Magic Hour”, and it’s the reason photographers schedule sessions in the early morning and late evenings!
Main Street Columbia SC Soda City engagement session
We had just enough time at this point to run back to our cars and head to the Gervais St Bridge…but first, we had to stop for a few more photo ops! 

Finally, we arrived at the Gervais Street Bridge right as dusk was approaching, and we faced our fear of cars knocking us off the sidewalk for a few more great images that highlight these guys’ love as well as the beauty of Downtown Columbia, SC.

Engagement session on Gervais Street Bridge in Columbia, SC
Probably laughing because we jumped every time a particularly loud or fast car passed by!
backlit OCF off camera flash engagement photo on Gervais Street bridge during blue hour in Columbia, SC
And I’ll wrap up this post here, with one of my top 5 favorite images from this session. Marisa and Nathan, you guys made this session every bit as amazing as I knew it would be, and I can’t wait for your Charleston wedding late this summer!

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These are so beautiful!!!

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These are beautiful!

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