Sally & Drew’s Downtown Newberry Engagement

Sally and Drew go WAY back…all the way to middle school in Newberry, in fact! I think Sally told their story perfectly in her own words when she said, “Naturally, our relationship went the way of most middle school relationships– we dated for about a month and decided it’d be best to ‘just stay friends.’ We thought 8th grade was the end of our relationship as more than ‘just friends’, but we began dating again in college!”  A decade after their middle school romance, they were in San Diego for Drew to attend job training, and he surprised Sally by popping the question! Of course, she said yes, and now here we are!

This past April, as an early birthday gift for Sally, Drew got the sweetest little bulldog puppy you would ever want to meet, and they named her Ellie. Ellie was a joy to have in their engagement photos, and I have to shout out to Drew’s parents for helping out with her on a SUPER hot day downtown Newberry!

2016-07-31_0001Ellie could totally be Newberry High School’s new mascot…but she’s too cute to be intimidating!!

2016-07-31_0003 2016-07-31_0004 2016-07-31_0005 2016-07-31_0006 2016-07-31_0007 2016-07-31_0008 2016-07-31_0009 2016-07-31_0010 2016-07-31_0011 2016-07-31_0013 2016-07-31_0015As I mentioned above, it was HOT outside. Thank goodness Half Full Coffee & Wine Bar was open so they could cool off and enjoy a drink before sunset!

2016-07-31_00212016-07-31_0020If you’re not familiar with Downtown Newberry, this old advertisement has been a landmark of sorts, and fortunately for us, local artists have made it a priority to touch it up every decade or so!

Once it got a bit darker outside, we headed to the courtyard between the Newberry Opera House and the Firehouse Conference Center, where Sally and Drew’s reception will be held next May!2016-07-31_0022 2016-07-31_0023 2016-07-31_0026 2016-07-31_0027 2016-07-31_0028 2016-07-31_0030 2016-07-31_0031 2016-07-31_0032 2016-07-31_0034 2016-07-31_0035

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