Katherine’s Rainy, Rustic Bridal Session

If you’re reading this, it means Kat and Brad have tied the knot! Her bridal session was a pretty adventurous one, and turned out gorgeous. Scroll down for the story and photos from her rustic bridal session!

We had Katherine’s rustic bridal session planned for months. She had had her final fitting, the bouquet, hair, and makeup were ready, and her sister Eva (aka the most helpful assistant ever), and parents were all ready when the day finally arrived. The forecast looked iffy, but there was no way we were going to reschedule without moving ahead and hoping whatever pop-up thunderstorms there were would stay far away from our location.2016-09-29_0001It was really cloudy, but if you’re at all familiar with South Carolina summertime weather, it’s pretty much cloudy every late afternoon/evening in July, and no one can predict whether it will rain until it’s literally already raining.

See these clouds? They were coming for us…2016-09-29_0004

One great thing about this particular storm, is that as it rolled in, there was just enough split in the clouds for the sun to beam through, creating an incredible backdrop for Kat’s bridals!

2016-09-29_0005 2016-09-29_0006 2016-09-29_0007Thank you, God, for that beautiful golden sunlight!!2016-09-29_0008Going with her rustic, Southern theme, Kat had her florist , Becky at Flowers From The Heart in Newberry incorporate cotton bolls into the bouquet, and I just LOVE it! If you recall, her engagement session had a very rustic theme as well.2016-09-29_0009 2016-09-29_0010 2016-09-29_0011

The entire time we were shooting, the clouds were rolling and building in that ominous way they do when you know something is about to happen, but I just HAD to grab this shot before the sky completely opened up on us!SC rustic bridal portrait thunderstorm countrysideKat and her mom and sister covered up her dress quickly and ran for the car, while Kat’s stepdad and I used whatever we could find to cover up my gear while we ran for the other car. It POURED. And, like most summer storms, only lasted about 15 minutes. When nothing was left but a little drizzle, we felt safe to start again in location two. The rain had gone, but the clouds hadn’t, which equaled a lot of lighting variety for Kat’s session!

 Also, I know how to have fun whether it’s raining or not! 😉2016-09-29_0012With the “worst case scenario” past us, the rest of the session just felt relaxed and fun. Sometimes, it takes a snafu like that to get over the nerves of a session (plus, it makes for a great story)!2016-09-29_0013 2016-09-29_0014

Congratulations to Kat and Brad! I can’t wait to share their wedding blog post in the coming weeks. I’m so blessed to have such beautiful and fun brides…love you guys!

Dress: Allure, purchased at Evelyn’s Bridal

Florals: Flowers From the Heart

Hair and Makeup: Amanda Cook Lindler

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