Jackson’s Landing Wedding with Colombian Flair

Jackson's Landing in Batesburg SC Columbia SC wedding venue

Sarah and Matt planned their wedding from all the way in St Louis, which I’m sure wasn’t easy! Choosing their vendors based off of online reviews, Facebook, and websites was tricky, but they absolutely pulled it all together for a beautiful, budget-friendly, DIY wedding. They planned their event for early June, out in the country at a small but beautiful venue called Jackson’s Landing , which is right on the edge of Lexington and Aiken counties.

As we got closer to the day of the wedding, I got to speak to Matt and Sarah more, and hear some of the plans for the wedding. Since Sarah’s dad is Egyptian, her mother Colombian, and Sarah and Matt both grew up near here in the South, there were a lot of traditions and colors coming together for this wedding! Enjoy the fun, laughter, traditional Colombian hats and scarves, and lots of DANCING!!

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Even the children were amazing dancers! As soon as the Colombian playlist began, every guest, young and old, came out to show off their moves!2016-07-14_0043 Jackson's Landing in Batesburg SC Columbia SC wedding venue 2016-07-14_0045 2016-07-14_0046 2016-07-14_0047The Conga lines were great!

2016-07-14_0049 2016-07-14_0050 2016-07-14_0051 2016-07-14_0052 2016-07-14_0053Whether you wanted to dance or not, the family made sure every member of the wedding party had his or her turn on the dance floor! DJ Bob Bonnett played amazing salsa tunes all night, and now I’m determined to learn how to dance!


Venue: Jackson’s Landing

Dress: Jo-Lin’s 

Catering: Dimmler’s Catering & Special Events

DJ: Bob Bonnett

Flowers: all created by the wedding party!

Invitations: VistaPrint

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  1. Thanks for the love girl. I had a great time with you; can’t wait to see you again. You captured the wedding and our venue perfectly. Well done.


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