Photographer Secrets to Showing Off Your Engagement Ring

engagement ring close up macro shot on green moss

Now that you’re basking in the glow of a new engagement and thumbing through bridal magazines and apps, you know that sparkle on your left hand is totally distracting you with its beauty. How many times have you stopped what you’re doing to stare at your hand and admire how your engagement ring looks? Admit it, it’s happened way more than just once. Well, if you’re a child of the 80’s or 90’s, chances are, you have a camera hand 99% of the time, and you’re dying to share a few ring shots, right?

I’m here to share a few secrets on how to capture your ring in all of its glory so you can have the best Instagram and Snapchat photo of them all — secrets straight from a photographer!

Secret #1 – Do Your Nails

I’m sure you’ve probably already taken care of this, but it definitely isn’t cute to post chipped polish and hangnails when you’re trying to show off your new bling!

selfie with coffee mug and engagement ring


Dark room + cell phone photo = blurry, uninteresting pictures every single time. However, don’t turn that phone camera flash on! Set yourself up outside or near a window, and play with angles for a bit while you figure out how to best capture the sparkle.  No window light because it’s dark and/or rainy? Try the light from your computer monitor or a flashlight!

engagement ring selfie art deco ring from Venice

Still not loving the light? Go get in your car and try a more casual ring selfie. You know that’s when the ring captures your attention the most, anyway!

engagement ring selfie in car with aztec leggings
Please only do this while parked, obviously. Aztec print workout leggings optional.


Secret #3 – Pick a Pretty Backdrop or Theme

Let some grass and a cool sidewalk be the backdrop for your bling!
Let some grass and a cool sidewalk be the backdrop for your bling, or incorporate something seasonal, like the peppermint stick below.

Secret #4 — Don’t Be Disappointed…

…if your ring photos don’t look like the ones posted below. I’m sharing them for your inspiration, but remember, your photographer will capture your fabulous ring shots during your engagement session, bridal session, and on the wedding day! Before that happens, this is your chance to show off on social media.

engagement ring photo on reflective surface
A reflective surface makes a great setting for your engagement ring! Hint: you’re probably reading this article on a reflective surface right now! Turn off your screen, set the ring on top, and use another tablet or device to snap a photo like this one.

engagement ring close up macro shot on green moss
For a woodsy look, set your ring on a tuft of moss, and let the light shine through from behind.

christmas engagement ring shot photo macro on peppermint stick candy cane
Christmas or Winter engagement? Use a peppermint stick or candy cane as a festive prop for your ring!

engagement ring shot on pine cone
A pinecone is another option for those of you wanting that rustic, fall or winter feel to your engagement ring post.

Secret #5– Choose Your Favorite Engagement Ring Photo

Picking one favorite photo will insure that you don’t overpost, because you have lots of planning ideas and excitement to share, and you wouldn’t want folks hiding you from their newsfeeds! Your best engagement ring selfie will be getting a lot of likes and shares, so make it a good one. Happy photographing!

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