Anniversary Session – A New Favorite!

Last year, Michelle reached out to me with a pretty new request; she wanted to book a romantic anniversary session with her husband to celebrate their first year of marriage. It was late January, so the weather was about as gross as you'd think for winter in SC, but she had chosen the PERFECT venue: The Gallery at M Judson Booksellers.

Michelle and Jorge brought the top layer of their wedding cake, as is tradition on your first anniversary, and got completely dressed in their wedding day glam in order to celebrate their first year of marriage. I can't think of a more romantic way to celebrate continued love than with an anniversary session! Yes, the day you first make your vows to each other is important, but so is every single day that you continue to CHOOSE each other!

Clearly, we had an absolute blast at Michelle and Jorge's anniversary session. This is 100% something that I hope to see more and more couples choosing to do. Contact me with any questions, and let's celebrate your upcoming anniversary with some super epic photos!

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