Engagement Session with Dogs + Romantic Day in the Country!

March 31, 2016

If you recognize the property in these photos, it’s because you’ve seen it before! Denise is another friend of the property’s owner, Tonya, and contacted her about using the property for her own engagement photos. Luckily for me, Tonya not only gave her permission to use the property, she directed Denise to me!

The second I met Denise, her sisters, and her mom for a coffee consult in Lexington, SC, I knew we were a photographer-bride match made in Heaven! When she mentioned wanting to involve hers and her fiancé’s 4 dogs, I have to admit, I was a bit wary. An engagement session with dogs can be pretty wild, but I was excited for the challenge!

engagement couple with navy sweater and aqua blazer in the woods
While the pups got the lay of the land, I took Mike and Denise over the creek to get a few photos on their own. It was easier for everyone to warm up this way!
Before long, we decided to go ahead and get the whole family together! Notice anything about the dogs’ attire?


engaged couple in the woods with four dogs
Denise accessorized with pearl necklaces for their sweet girl puppies! I thought this was an adorable idea! Mike’s boy-pup has his own accessory, too, but you’ll have to scroll down for that one. 😉
engaged couple in the woods with their four smiling dogs
I love this one! I swear, these dogs are smiling ear to ear!
engagement ring macro close up shot on moss from Moseley's Diamond Showcase
Of course, no engagement session is complete without a ring shot. Mike really knocked it out of the park when he chose this one from Moseley’s Diamond Showcase in Lexington!
engagement portraits in row of pine trees
I still love this row of pines, and the way they frame Denise and Mike in these woodsy engagement portraits.
Smiling engaged bride to be with fiance in the woods
Denise admitted that she has trouble being serious, and I told her to not worry, and just let her giddiness and love shine through — and it does!
groom and his dog wearing matching ties from Charleston Krewe during engagement session in the woods
Here’s where “the boys” got to show off their manly accessories: matching ties from Charleston Krewe!
Groom to be and his dogs in the woods
Mike made sure to get a couple of photos of him and his 2 dogs. I think it’s adorable that both Mike and Denise had two dogs of their own before they started dating, and now they’re a big blended family!
engagement session in a field with four dogs
I am seriously in awe at how well-behaved and cooperative these guys were…the dogs were great too 😉
engaged couple has quiet moments together in wheat field
Right at the end of the session, I asked Denise and Mike to run over to a field of wheat with me for a few last photos of the two of them, and I’m so glad we did!
engaged couple has sweet moments together in a wheat field
Thanks so much for letting me hang out with you guys and your 4 fur babies! I am so looking forward to your wedding and trash the dress session later this year!





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Denise, this is Camille’s mother, Betsy. The pictures of you and your GROOM are wonderful. I’ve never seen engagement pictures like this on a web site. Love how you included the dogs with their very own fashionable accessories, bow ties and necklaces! How clever of y’all. WOOF!

The photographer sounds very talented too. How did she get the dogs to smile so happily?

My sincere love, congratulations and best wishes!

Betsy Booth

Thank you so much Betsy! I know I scared Melissa a little with the idea of our four dogs but she worked miracles with them and us. Plus, I think we are all so happy to become a family that it just shined through 🙂 I miss you all very much!


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