Elegant Outdoor Wedding at Home in Newberry, SC

December 17, 2015

I’ll admit it: I am a Columbia, SC wedding photographer, but I am based in the small nearby town of Newberry, SC (located halfway between Columbia and Greenville). The majority of the weddings I shoot take place in larger cities like Columbia and Greenville, SC. But when I get the chance to photograph a wedding in my small hometown of Newberry, SC, I jump at it! When you think of my hometown (IF you think of this small town), you may think of Historic Downtown Newberry or the Newberry Opera House, but you may not be as familiar with our beautiful, sprawling countryside. Luckily for you, Danielle and Mackenzie’s fall date captured the beauty of an outdoor wedding in Newberry.


From the first email Danielle and I exchanged, I knew we were the perfect team to work on capturing her wedding day. She is a dancer, working towards her Doula certification, and she had an Old Hollywood aesthetic in mind for her wedding: glamorous, classy, and simply beautiful.  It helps that she is gorgeous and embodies classic beauty herself! It also helps that her parents’ gorgeous home in the country would be the backdrop for hers and Mackenzie’s wedding day. The second I walked into her parent’s home on her big day, I knew that she had nailed every aspect of her vision for the wedding.

old hollywood glamourous bride gets ready on her wedding day
Danielle’s robe and makeup embodied the likes of Greta Garbo and Vivien Leigh with their classic, yet dramatic, glamour.

bridesmaids applying makeup in large bathroom mirrors

Bride having makeup applied and laughing with her bridesmaids

Bridesmaids hold flower girls
Even the little ones joined in on the wedding day preparation and fun!

Bridal party getting ready and laughing with flower girls

Mother of Bride helps bride get into her wedding gown
It is so clear where Danielle gets her beauty, and the moment her mother helped her get dressed, there was not a dry eye in the house!
Bride putting on her dress, garter, and shoes with help from mom and bridesmaids
The mood quickly became silly again when the maid of honor got a little handsy with the garter placement!
Bridesmaids take cell phone photo of flower girl.
What are they looking at? Oh, just one of the CUTEST flower girls ever!
Flower girl takes selfie with bride
I can’t even with this flower girl who is SO excited to take a selfie!

2015-12-16_0010 2015-12-14_0011 2015-12-14_0010

Bride First Look with Father of Bride
Before she saw her soon-to-be husband for the first time, she had to have Dad’s approval. This moment always brings tears to everyone who watches. Even the coolest of dads can’t hide their emotions when they see their little girl ready to be married!

Bride first look with father of bride

Bride and Groom first look outdoors in Columbia, SC
Danielle and Mackenzie opted for a first look together, and I’m SO glad when couples choose to do this. It really helps to be able to show your true emotions without all of your family and friends watching! This is the moment for couples to revel in the big step they’re about to take to becoming husband and wife.

Bride and Groom First Look Outdoors Columbia, SC Wedding Bride and Groom First Look Outdoors Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer Bride and Groom First Look Outdoors Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

After the first look, Danielle took a chance to go relax and hide before the outdoor wedding ceremony so that none of the guests would see her before her walk down the aisle! We took this moment to capture the groom and his groomsmen. The mood with a group of guys in a wedding is always a bit different than the gals, but fun nevertheless!Groomsmen photo by Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer Groomsmen photo by Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

The rest of this Newberry, SC outdoor wedding day was a whirlwind of capturing the details of beauty and love surrounding Danielle and Mackenzie. I’m sure you can all tell from the photographs, that Danielle and Mackenzie put a ton of attention into the details of the day, from the vintage gold rings, to the lace mantilla veil, glamorous long sleeved wedding gown, and brushed gold antlers and candles used as decor in their fall/winter wedding.

2015-12-16_0009 eucalyptus bouquets and vintage lace wedding day details Columbia, SC Wedding photography 2015-12-16_0006 2015-12-16_0001 2015-12-14_0006 2015-12-13_0009 Columbia, SC wedding photography detail shots earrings, rings, macro, shoes, dress, reflection

Columbia, SC wedding photography whip nae nae guests dancing
When your bride and all of her friends are dancers, you know that dance floor (or yard) is FIERCE


Columbia, SC wedding photography winter wedding cold hands garter toss bride surprised
When it’s cold enough to see your breath, the groom’s hands might be just a BIT too chilly for the garter toss!

Columbia, SC wedding photography bride and groom cutting cake feeding each other 2015-12-16_0024

Columbia, SC wedding photography groom groomsmen superhero socks citadel grads graduates guy friends at wedding

Columbia, SC wedding photography father daughter dance backlighting off camera flash ocf
Backlighting the father-daughter dance just the way I want it makes the moment even more memorable when looking back at photos of your big day!
columbia, Sc wedding photography mother son dance backlighting ocf
I love when I can light a situation perfectly to capture the moments the way they look in real life.


Columbia, SC wedding photography bride and groom send off rice getaway car off camera flash ocf
And with a rice sendoff, Danielle and Mackenzie were off to begin their life as newlyweds in a sweet Thunderbird getaway car! Good luck and many years of love and blessings for you guys.



These are amazing! Old Hollywood Glamour is right up my alley & I think you captured this beautifully.

Thanks so much!

These are just absolutely dreamy. Loved the way you photographed the day … the details are incredible and it looks like you just didn’t miss a thing. Great job!

Thank you!

Her wedding dress is to die for and those details are awesome! You did a beautiful job capturing it all!

I know, right?! I love the long sleeves and details on her dress! And thanks so much!

These are beautiful!!! Great job!!

Thank you, Crystal!

These are so great! You’re an awesome photographer Melissa!

Thank you, Corey! That means a lot!


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