4 Best Apps for Planning Your Wedding

Newly engaged? Congratulations! After you’ve told your family and closest friends and shared ring photos on social media, your brain goes into overdrive on  planning your wedding, right?! It doesn’t help that everyone around you — especially your mom, let’s be real — has a million questions and input about everything from the date, to the venue, to the dress, to who will be in the wedding party.

Well, I’ve stood alongside countless brides as they plan their weddings, and here are THE MUST-HAVE APPS to help you in organizing and planning your wedding day, and keeping important folks involved in every aspect!

  • Pinterest – This one is a no-brainer, but if you don’t already have this app on your phone, you’re going to want to get it pronto! As a photographer, I personally love when a bride creates a Secret Board and makes me a collaborator. This way, I can see their vision for their day as it comes together, and they can show me what they have in mind as their preferences evolve.

The workspace for your life’s work   Evernote

  • Evernote – Instead of carrying around a binder full of documents, receipts, and files, keep them in Evernote where they won’t be lost. You can also easily share them with your parents, fiance(e), or anyone who is helping you plan your wedding! This makes it easier to cross items off your to-do list, sync important calendar reminders, and even assign tasks.  I personally use Evernote to organize documents and files, and couldn’t imagine life without it!

Wedding Registry   Gifts   Zola

  • Zola – Forget having to decide which stores are local or convenient for your guests (because let’s be honest, some smaller towns just don’t have the best shopping)! This app allows you to create a wedding registry unlike any other. Zola gives your guests the opportunity to purchase experiences and services, not just household items!  Zola also allows guests to go in on gifts together and allows you to add items from any store.


  • Wed Texts – Endless text message conversations and groups are hard to keep up with, especially when some of your planners and helpers are on different platforms (iOS vs Android). Wed Texts is the perfect app for keeping all of your guests in the loop before — and even during — your wedding weekend!

As you get started planning, I hope these apps can be a huge help to you!

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  1. One great idea I saw on pinterest was a home made photo booth, But if a bride and groom have too much on their plate planning the wedding then they can rent a photo booth. This service was great for my friend https://photoboothsac.com

    1. I do! https://www.wedtexts.com/#/ is an amazing way to keep planning and all wedding-related communications in one place, and I’ve found that brides love using it to get suggestions from their planners and friends about their music choices.

      I have found tons of sources online via Google that help pick out good wedding songs. The most important thing, of course, is that the music reflects the bride and groom but also gets their guests into the right moods. You wouldn’t want to play the Wobble during Cocktail Hour, just like you probably wouldn’t play Canon in D when you’re trying to get folks to get up and dance haha. As DJ’s, setting up a few lists of options that includes song samples, and making it a blog post would be a great way to get brides checking out your page and help them choose. 🙂


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